proactive risk management

Our Risk Services Team helps keep your students and your schools safe


Regional Trainings are available at no cost to the attending member in order to bring colleagues from common geographic locales together for training and information sharing. These events are conducted by both WSRMP staff and outside experts.


Training scholarships are available to attend risk and safety-oriented conferences so members can learn and implement loss mitigation and control measures. Scholarships can also be for certifications in playground inspections or de-escalation techniques. Scholarships usually include registration, airfare, and lodging, reimbursed to the district after attendance.


Onsite safety consultations, inspections and risk assessments, including guidance through the Member Benefit Review, are performed by the district’s dedicated Risk Consultant. Additionally, customized training for individual member needs is available upon request.


Risk Alerts are emailed to members to provide timely information on topics such as Measles and Coronavirus Outbreaks, National Weather Service storm warnings, and other time‑sensitive risks.


Another way WSRMP links with its members is through Risk Roundtables. The Roundtables can be on any issue or problem of practice. We invite select individuals from our member districts who are knowledgeable in the topic under discussion.


When risks can be mitigated in a manner that will increase school district campus safety, WSRMP will periodically offer grants to member districts to assist in mitigating these risks.


WSRMP’s own quarterly newsletter, Member Matters, is chock full of seasonal risk management tips and checklists, legal articles on relevant topics, training opportunities, and so much more.

Risk Library

WSRMP maintains a library of Guidance Documents, Forms and Links organized by a variety of topics that are accessible to all members in the Members Only section of our website.