Member Services

The Washington Schools Risk Management Pool (WSRMP) is a public sector non-profit organization dedicated to helping our members achieve a safe and secure learning environment in which students can achieve and graduate. We are part of the public education system, are owned by our member districts, and our sole business is protecting K-12 schools. The key to our success is that, in partnership with our members, we have built an outstanding program of coverages and services. In addition, we provide our members access to an exceptional panel of outside attorneys with specific experience in school liability matters from athletic-related catastrophic brain injury, to conducting investigations, to guiding and representing the district in resolving special education issues.

Risk Services

The Risk Services Team focuses on Enterprise Risk Management. We are unique in that we place a strong emphasis on working collaboratively with our members towards the common goal of improving safety and reducing potential liabilities. We strive to provide our membership the most up-to-date information, training and other resources to help them navigate the ever-changing environment of public schools. WSRMP offers numerous scholarships, grants and innovative loss control programs designed to support each member’s internal efforts and fortify their programs. Each member is assigned a dedicated consultant that partners with them to provide one-on-one assistance.

Claims Services

The Claims Team ensures Members receive prompt responsive service when members experience claims and lawsuits. The Team seeks to settle claims quickly but will vigorously defend claims not owed. Each member is assigned a dedicated claims adjuster who communicates with members on claims and seeks their input.

Claims and litigation can have a detrimental effect on a school district, not only in their reputation within their community and with the public at large, but also in their financial bottom line. Each district is a partner in the litigation management plan.

Our Litigation Management philosophy ensures that we hire only the best and the brightest in the legal community. We do not select firms. We select individual attorneys whose qualifications and specialized expertise are in school law.

Underwriting Services

The Underwriting Team produces the Coverage Agreement, declarations page and endorsements. They are responsible for the generation of Evidence of Coverage Endorsements.  Additionally, the Underwriting Team secures reinsurance for the property and casualty programs, as well as cyber liability coverage, builder’s risk, crisis management coverage and much more. The Underwriting Team is responsible for property appraisals and the determination of  building Total Insured Values (TIV). The Underwriting Team also determines member exposures, loss ratios, and mod factors in the preparation of member quotes and contributions.